Greg Smolyn


Over 20 years of software development and design experience, including web, server-side APIs, database development and performance analysis (both front and back end).

Work Experience

October 2021 – Present
Senior Technical Lead
Technical Team Lead for the Data Pipelines team at TetraScience - a big data platform for scientific data
  • Lead team and contributed to the construction of a high throughput event-based job scheduling platform.
  • Designed and lead implementation of a multi-tenant fair scheduling feature, a secure network architecture, and custom virtual machine
  • Mentored team to gain deep understanding of distributed systems and real-time data processing, resulting in major quality and performance improvements
  • Oversaw integration of various technologies such as Redis, Elasticsearch, and cloud services, resulting in a robust and scalable platform.
  • Adopted practices for code quality that dramatically reduced released defects
  • Built a culture of inclusion and openness, encouraging team members to take on complex projects and succeed
  • Fostered cross-functional collaboration between client teams, product, and support.
Vancouver, BC
November 2014 – October 2021
Lead Member of Technical Staff
Full stack developer at Salesforce, a cloud-based SaaS Enterprise application company
  • Technical lead for team: worked with PMs, engineers and managers to build out multi release plans and roadmaps
  • Mentored developers through one-on-ones and code reviews
  • Full stack from SQL through to web UI
  • Front and back end development on the social interaction (Chatter feed) functionality of a large single-page application
  • Extensive refactoring of feed front-end functionality for performance on mobile and desktop
  • Designed and implemented real time live updates to feed and comment posts
  • Architected, designed, and implemented the engine for Einstein Next Best Action, a rules-based recommendation engine
  • Designed and implemented high throughput customer visible tracing and monitoring for a B2B commerce application
  • Won company hackathon by creating Alexa integrations for a B2B eCommerce application
Strangeloop Networks / Radware Canada
Vancouver, BC
January 2008 – October 2014
Senior Software Developer / Architect
Developer and architect at Strangeloop, a start-up building a web acceleration appliance and high performance proxy, subsequently acquired by Radware.
  • Built a high performance no-copy streaming HTML parser in C#, C, and C++
  • Spearheaded a project to refactor an outdated C codebase into modern, high performance event-driven Object Oriented C++
  • Built and maintained a performance analytics tool similar to Google Analytics. This system reports large amounts of data which was then analyzed for statistically significant patterns. Data was analyzed through SQL and Python-based tools
  • Researched and built HTML performance enhancing treatments
  • Contributed patches to the Mono open-source .NET implementation
  • Created and managed build scripts, Continuous Integration systems, and source control servers (SVN/Git)
  • Required to be self starting, self managing, and extremely motivated
Vancouver, BC
January 2003 – December 2007
Senior Developer and Architect
Team lead, developer and architect for a call centre and online booking product in the hospitality industry
  • Ensured code quality through mentoring and code reviewing
  • Architected technical framework and migration from classic ASP to an ASP.NET/C# MVC solution, which proved to be scalable yet adaptable
  • Built and maintained integrity through extensive automated unit tests
  • Directly engaged clients and stakeholders to gather requirements and manage scope
  • Helped foster the prototyping and frequent integration approach to development in order to improve quality and adherence to requirements
Musette Technologies
Vancouver, BC
January 2001 – December 2002
  • Designed and implemented a content translation application, using a Java framework to effectuate translations using XSL stylesheets
  • Added functionality to and helped maintain a very large 3-tier online course delivery system
  • Designed and implemented a Java server and client applet for an internet-based distributed Art Therapy system
  • Built a 3-tier online registration system, including configuring server hardware, software, and databases
UBC Software Practices Lab
Vancouver, BC
January 2000 – December 2000
Research Systems Analyst
Designed and implemented a compiler for researching aspect oriented programming in C. Initial prototype was written in Scheme and the production version in Java. Managed lab systems and web pages.
Seagate Software (now SAP)
Vancouver, BC
January 1998 – January 1999
Software Developer
Main tasks in the areas of performance analysis: developed benchmarking applications, analyzed results, determined methods to improve performance, and implemented changes.


Squamish Helping Hands Society
June 2021 – Present
Meals on Wheels Delivery
Deliver hot meals to those in need
Friends of Garibaldi Park Society
September 2020 – Present
Board Member
Organize and perform trail mainenance. Aid BC Parks Rangers with construction tasks. Maintain website.
Health and Home Care BC
May 2015 – November 2020
Meals on Wheels Delivery Cyclist


  • JavaScript with Continuations: A program transformer that extends JavaScript with continuations, in order to support client-side continuation based web applications. Written in Common Lisp.


Squamish, British Columba Canada


  • 2006 2008

    Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS)

    MSc (courses completed only)

    Computer Science

    • Bioinformatics
    • Machine Learning
    • Neurocomputing
  • 1995 2000

    University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC)


    Computer Science

    • Computer Science
    • Astrophysics
    • 3rd year exchange (UEA, UK)


Languages Expert
C# Java Typescript / Javascript Node C / C++ Python Scheme / Common Lisp Shell SQL
Technologies Expert
AWS (ECS, EC2, Lambda, SQS/SNS, Cloudformation, Cloudwatch) Redis Git CI/CD (Jenkins, Github Actions) Linux MacOS Wordpress
Web Development Senior
HTML CSS Javascript Web components React Vue ASP.NET Bootstrap


Using aspectC to improve the modularity of path-specific customization in operating system code
01 September 2001

An aspect weaver to extend C with Aspect-Oriented constructs, to explore AOP in operating system kernels. Written first in Scheme, then Java.